CTQ | Critical to Quality was founded by Alice Frangoulis.

Alice started as a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel for IMEC in the analysis of impact of innovative technologies on social and economic level.

In the early 2000's the virtual dimension made its entry and this required re-assessment of our positions on different aspects. This novel positioning of the individual has significant impact on multiple aspects of management and execution. It required a remodeling of business execution. Qualitative and regulatory frameworks have undergone progressive changes. 

This knowledge and experience was developed further while at work in highly regulated IT companies such as Amadeus IT Group and AGFA HealthCare IT. But activities also included other industries such as Group Van Loon (industry: chemical tank cleaning, filling, refurbishment and transport), Group Monument (industry: restoration of valuable historical buildings), Autogrill (industry: catering highways and train stations), Marel (industry: advance food processing).

As Lean SIx Sigma Black Belt expert we will analyze your value chain, investigate the effective added value and how to implement this effeciently.

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